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Bodyotics Reusable Menstrual Disc (Pack of 2)

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  • Enjoy intimate moments during periods - Superior in both comfort and flexibility compared to standard menstrual cups, the Bodyotics Soft Discs are silky soft and super flexible. The silica gel disk that cradles the base of your cervix collects blood for up to 12 hours without any discomfort or leaks. The disc is safe to use with an IUD and can be worn for no mess period special moments.

  • Keep things clean on-the-go - Bodyotics menstrual discs are reusable and eliminate the need to change out your period product multiple times throughout the day. A convenient carry pouch is included for each size in your 2 pack so you can stash your discs hygienically in your handbag and keep them safely on-hand for when your period flow starts.

  • Release limits with 12hrs of protection - 2 sizes, Small & Large, are included to cover different flow types and cycles. The soft disc is suitable for light to heavy flow and provides a comfortable seal at the base of the cervix, collecting up to 2.02oz of blood for up to 12 continual hours, 4 hours longer than the recommended wear time of a tampon.

  • Economical & Earth-Friendly - Reusable Menstrual discs present a more sustainable and economical alternative for the planet…and your wallet too! Bodyotics discs generate 60% less waste than traditional feminine hygiene products on the market, such as applicator tampons, pads and liners which end up in landfill after only one use.

  • Bodyotics: Live a Life Without Limits - Good news ladies, feminine care products have evolved beyond tampons, menstrual pads and the period cup! The soft discs menstrual disc represents the dawn of a new era of feminine products. Prevents leaks overnight, during exercise, or while swimming, so your period no longer gets in the way of your day.

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Rebecca B.
Finally found my goldilocks disc!

I was excited when I got them in. The silicone is buttery soft and it isn't too ridged. Other discs sometimes put pressure on my bladder. This one is perfect! Glad I found these!

regain control over your life

Our mission is simple - to improve women’s lives through the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. We aim to offer the best kegel exercise products and education possible, and are committed to helping you live a life with no limits.

  • soft silicone

    Soft and gentle silicone,
    BPA-free, hypoallergenic and
    100% waterproof.

  • ergonomically designed

    Ergonomically designed and
    extensively tested with your
    comfort and safety in mind.

  • perfect fit

    Perfect fit & easy insertion
    for optimum muscle
    contraction. Approved by
    pelvic health doctors.

  • regain pelvic floor control

    Resolves bladder leaks due to
    coughing, sneezing, or running.
    Prepares for pregnancy and
    supports labor recovery.


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