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How Kegel Exercise Can Lead to Better Intimacy? Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

How Can Kegel Exercise Can Lead to Better Intimacy?

Kegel exercises do much more than strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. In the 1940s when Dr Arnold Kegel introduced kegel exercises for preventing urine leakage in women, he inevitably also provided the opportunity to have much better and satisfied intimacy. 

Yes, kegel exercises benefit sexually as well. 

Kegel exercises can lead to better orgasms, and pleasurable sex experience for your partner. Still find it hard to believe? 

Here are a number of reasons how kegel exercises benefit both men and women sexually!

Kegel exercises help reach your orgasm in a better way 

An orgasm is really important if you wish to have better intimacy. Anything and almost everything does lead to this critical point, whereas if it doesn’t happen then your chances of having good sexual experience drastically falls.

In fact, with more advance research, studies have found that only 25% of women achieve a consistent climax during their intercourse. The rest? Well they wish they had better! 

Kegel exercises typically tighten your pelvic floor muscles making the muscle group more ripped for good performance.

Once you have toned muscles, it’s easier for your body to use your muscles to smoothly reach an orgasm. In some cases, women have been able to climax much better in certain positions that they were not able to perform before. 

It Improves the Quality of Your Performance

If you are a man, then kegel exercises can benefit you sexually as well. Kegel exercises are also for men, and having smooth muscles just makes the whole experience much more pleasurable. Performing kegel exercises also can increase the time of erection, resulting in the right timing of ejaculation and of course better sexual performance. 

Kegel exercises boost your confidence 

Kegel exercises seem like a small activity followed by a big difference. When you perform better you feel better. A satisfied sexual encounter releases oxytocin hormone in our brain that triggers feelings of happiness, fullfilment and calmness. So kegels can be a great way of achieving a non-physical benefit. Once you feel tighter and more toned, you are definitely in for an arousal treat! 

Best Kegel Exercises for Sexual Experience

If you are struggling to have performance, then consider some of the following effective kegel exercises that can help support your erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. 

Pause during Urination 

For men, the best way to identify their pelvic muscles is to pause their urination and see the muscular contraction, when you feel certain muscles tightening (that are not your butt or leg muscles) that is your cue for pelvic muscles. Once you correctly identify the right muscle groups, you can constantly practise them during an erection. In the same manner you can also do it while sitting and practice for a longer time to see good results. 

Contract and Hold Pelvic Muscles Regularly 

One of the most ideal ways to train your pelvic muscles is to lay down on a flat surface and contract your pelvic muscles a couple of times before holding them for a few seconds and releasing the tension of muscles. Follow the practice again and do this at least 5 to 10 times twice a day to get the best results. Prioritise your kegel exercises throughout the day to make sure your pelvic activity is in full swing! 

Wrapping it Up! 

The key to a better outcome is to stay patient with kegels. Practising certain kegel exercises will definitely need a couple of weeks for good results. 

Women might need more time than men, as weak pelvic floor muscles are more experienced by women. To enhance your exercise’s effectiveness, you must incorporate a good kegel exercise ball that specifically targets pelvic health and can give you fast results!