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How to Stop Urine Leakage in Females Instantly? Photo by Pixabay

How to Stop Urine Leakage in Females Instantly?

The following brief self-guide can help with urine incontinence while also relieving pelvic pain. 

Regular Pelvic Floor Exercises 

If there is one thing that can be an instant fix and remedy to weak pelvic floor muscles then that has to be kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are specifically designed to strengthen loose pelvic muscles. Apart from kegel exercises you can also perform other forms of pelvic floor exercises that can tighten and tone your pelvic muscles, and can help in your overactive bladder instantly. However, doing the right pelvic floor activity is important. 

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Quit Smoking 

Urine incontinence has been directly linked with smoking. There is proof backing it and that is why your cigarettes need to go. If you wish to not turn and twist at nights due to urine leaks, then you must break your smoking addiction. Not to mention the constant coughing that puts your loose pelvic floor muscles more at risk and consequently more urine leakage. Start with reducing your daily smoking and then go on occasional no smoke days until you can finally develop into not smoking for long periods of time. 

Performing the Right Set of Exercises 

Aggressive exercises, jumping and running can do more harm than good. While certain positions and sit ups can aid in toning your loose muscles, it's best to keep them at a moderate level when you are experiencing urine incontinence. To further strengthen your muscles, replace your high intensity workouts with moderate to low intensity workouts. Be sure to not overdo the exercise process as it can increase the risk of disturbed pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Avoid any Heavy Training 

Any form of vigorous training can further strain your pelvic floor muscles. Avoid it at the best of your abilities. If you are someone who regularly lifts, then you must alternate your days with kegel exercise days, active rest days, and your heavy training days. While you train, tighten your pelvic muscles before and after you lift. 

Lose Weight 

Obesity and being overweight are the primary causes of urinary incontinence even when you don't necessarily suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles. Urine leakage is perfectly reversible when you lose weight. Loss in fat will eventually lift off any pressure on your bladder and result in a normal urination process. Most of the time your symptoms will also go aways completely. However, you must lose your weight in a healthy, sustainable manner to avoid putting on weight again or having any other health complications. 

Treat Constipation

Constipation can trigger some serious pelvic floor dysfunction. You can read more about hypertonic vs hypotonic pelvic floor dysfunction here. 

Since pelvic muscle groups are all interlinked from lower back to the front raise of your pubic bone, having trouble to poop can seriously strain your pelvic muscles and bladder control. Whenever you feel the urge to poop, do it immediately without stopping it. If you experience urine incontinence due to constipation then a few lifestyle and dietary changes can perfectly reverse your condition. Sitting up in the right way and tightening your core can also help in constipation.

Avoid Caffeine 

Moderate caffeine is good for overall health, especially brain activity, but regular usage can irritate your bladder a lot. Urine incontinence is also often experienced by people who are caffeine addicts. To avoid such a situation you must change to decaffeinated drinks. Green teas, sparkling water, and fruit teas are some great alternatives to get over your caffeine addiction. 

Cut Down on all Alcohol 

All in all alcohol, regardless of its amount, will always make you pee more than necessary. In urine incontinence one of the most bothersome symptoms is the constant urge to pee even when your body doesn't require it. Cutting down on alcohol consumption can readily slim down your incontinence symptoms. 

Eat the Right Foods 

If your urine leakage is coupled with pelvic pain, then you must switch to a healthy nutritious diet this instant. Avoid spicy, refined and processed or any other food group that may irritate your vaginal health.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Contrary to popular belief, having good liquid intake will not pressurise your bladder, but rather regulate your urine excretion. Limiting your liquid can worsen your urine leakage problem. Not having enough hydration may also result in constipation. So stay hydrated with at least 6-8 glasses per day. 

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