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Lola&Lykke Core Restore Postpartum Support Band

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Lola&Lykke's postpartum belly wrap is an essential addition to your post-childbirth recovery journey. Crafted with your utmost comfort in focus, this belly wrap features a cutting-edge dual compression fastening system and boasts medical-grade quality. This remarkable support system is here to help restore your core muscles' strength, bringing you back to your vibrant self after giving birth.

Lola&Lykke's postpartum band seamlessly blends exceptional elasticity with unparalleled softness, offering you a personalized fit that not only alleviates back discomfort but also provides crucial support for healing wounds during your daily routines and workouts. Experience the ultimate in postpartum care with Lola&Lykke's belly wrap, designed to help you regain your vitality and confidence.

regain control over your life

Recover better and savor every moment with your baby

  • perfect fit

    Adjustable dual compression for a perfect fit

  • Finnish design

    Designed by Finnish physiotherapists

  • suitable for both

    Suitable for both vaginal and C-section births

  • healing properties

    Helps heal Diastasis Recti and separated tummy muscles


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