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What Are Some Natural Foods to Help with Pelvic Pain? Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

What Are Some Natural Foods to Help with Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain can be outlined from dull ache to sharp pain based on what condition you are in. Oftentimes, pelvic pain is related to some temporary external factor, and can be reversed with the right exercise and posture. If the condition still persists then it's best to consult with a medical health expert and watch what you eat. 

Surprisingly a lot of times, pelvic pain can be substituted with good nutrition. Mainly because healing inflammation can decrease pain to some extent. A lot of plant based diets are known to provide a good amount of phytonutrients that can heal inflammation and reduce the pain sensation on pelvic muscle groups. 

With simple diet adjustments and some natural remedies, here is a list of foods that can drastically help your pelvic pain. 

Natural Foods for Pelvic Pain 

Carotene Foods 

Carotene is an excellent yet undermined food group that is primarily known for fighting off harmful bacteria and infection within our bodies. It also aids in naturally restoring the body's immune response and consequently hormonal balance. Most of carotene foods are naturally available all year round including; pumpkins, mangoes, sweet mangoes, and pumpkin seeds. 


Garlic happens to be a regular staple in our foods, mainly because it is widely acknowledged as one of the most potent anti-inflammatory foods. Garlic is naturally rich in sulphur that aids in fighting off inflammation especially where the muscles are torn or tired. Consuming garlic daily can aid a lot in pelvic pain. It will also naturally balance your gut health and intestinal contractions. If you happen to have hypertonic pelvic dysfunction then you may find garlic addition to your diet more helpful. 

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is another powerful natural alternative to getting rid of all the harmful bacteria in your gut and uterus region. It mainly aids in improving the acidity of your gut health. If you are already on a healing journey, you must know how acidity is a trigger cause of dull pelvic pain in many women. Consuming baking soda can help in reducing the pain and maintaining the right pH level in your pelvic region. 


Turmeric happens to be the best remedy and ingredient for anti-inflammation in any part of the body. Consuming turmeric on a daily basis will not only lessen your pain but also help you in better mobility. It also has natural anti-bacterial properties that fights off harmful bacteria in your gut. 


Yogurt is the best remedy for vaginal infection. Yogurt has healthy bacteria that helps in keeping the right vaginal pH. You can either consume or apply yoghurt to instantly help relieve the pelvic pain!

Whole foods can take some considerable time for effective pain remedy, however at the same time knowing about which foods to avoid can also speed up your healing process 

Foods to Avoid for Pelvic Pain 

  • Fried or processed foods 
  • Spicy and oily foods 
  • Caffeinated beverages 
  • Any form of alcohol 
  • Highly acidic fruits and vegetables 
  • Artificial or refined sugars 

How else can you heal your pelvic pain? 

If you are new to this journey, then do know that you are not alone. Most of the time your pelvic pain can be reversed with a little lifestyle change and light exercise like kegels. For most instant results, you should use a reliable kegel ball or tool for tightening of your pelvic muscles.

With a simple set of kegel exercises you can start from anywhere at any point. All you have to do is sit back and trust the healing process.