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Bodyotics Deluxe Kegel Weighted Exercise Balls for Pelvic Floor Disorder - Set of 6

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Feeling frustrated with your lack of bladder control? Do your pelvic floor muscles fail you during pregnancy or labor? Whether you cough, sneeze or run, you can gain control over your pelvic floor with this pelvic floor fixer kit. Using it will also enable you to resolve bladder leaks while pregnant and after delivery. This product is ideal for preventing prolapse, one of the most common causes of urinary incontinence. 

Many women find it hard to do 100 Kegels regularly, but 15 minutes a day is all you need to significantly improve your bladder control and restore pelvic floor health. Super soft silicone design is convenient and easy to use - made in Britain by doctors for women like you. You'll find the free e-book provides step-by-step instructions on how to train your muscles in a way that can change how you feel about yourself and your body.

The Kegel balls are made from silicone, they are hypoallergenic and BPA free. The silicone is super soft, ergonomically designed and extensively tested with your comfort and safety front of mind.

The luxurious feel of the weights allows for perfect fit, easy insertion, and optimum muscle contraction to give you results you can track. With backing from pelvic health doctors, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you've made the right decision.

Boost your pelvic floor health and bladder control with Bodyotics Deluxe Kegel Weighted Exercise Balls.

We're so confident that you'll love your new kegel weights that we are not only giving you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee but also a Lifetime Warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Amazon C.
This product works!

These weighted balls are shaped comfortably and with the progression in weights one can gradually improve the perineal muscles. They come with an online instruction book that is easy to follow. I had used the steel balls before, but with those there is no room for gradual improvement, and I found them difficult to remove. The bodyotic pear shaped weight with the removal attachment is both comfortable and easy to use. I have found that it has taken me about three months to progress to the next weight, while using the weight for 15 minutes each morning when preparing for the day with facewashing and shower. The muscle improvement definitely improves sexual responsiveness, and pleasure for my partner.

Amazon C.
Awesome effective things!

After much looking around on Amazon I decided on this set to try to tighten things up and I thought I have nothing to lose, I'm so glad I went with these. Found them easy to put in and remove (just need to relax).It didn't take long to move up to the heaviest weight which I now use weekly to maintain strength and genuinely enjoy the process. I started as a beginner and now recommend these to everyone since if I can do then anyone can!!

Amazon C.
Keel Weighted Exercise Balls

I did a lot of research on this product and read reviews. I remember a couple saying it came looking like a return and another saying it was dirty upon arrival. Well they did not lie. Mine came and it looked both like a returned item and very dirty. In all my research I found a lot of good information about this product and how well the outcomes have been in using this product. So I decided to wash, scrub, sterilize, etc. By the time I was finished it was perfection and I have been pleased in using it for just a few times. My question is; what kind of company would send out such a personal item in such pour condition. One word. Disgusting

Amazon C.
Poorly packaged. Previously owned??

I was so excited to receive these weights, but was a little disappointed when I opened the box. The weights were not packaged nicely like shown in the pictures. They were piled in the box on TOP of the frame piece that is supposed to hold them up. I can't help but feel like this was previously returned. In other cases I probably wouldn't care so much, but this particular product, I do. It's very hard to imagine that someone had these weights in their possession and could have tried them out before returning them. Gross. I'll definitely be deep, deep cleaning these before trying. If I like them, I may adjust my rating. But for now, I'm just disappointed.

Amazon C.
Helped give an easy birth

I used these for a month before birth, and after the first two weeks I already felt strong enough to move up to the second weight. I didn't use anything like this before I had my first baby, it took 3 1/2 hours to deliver her. This time it took less than 10 minutes to push out my son. My muscles felt much stronger this time and I believe these helped a lot during the delivery. In addition, my recovery time for my downstairs was super quick.

regain control over your life

Our mission is simple - to improve women’s lives through the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. We aim to offer the best kegel exercise products and education possible, and are committed to helping you live a life with no limits.

  • soft silicone

    Soft and gentle silicone,
    BPA-free, hypoallergenic and
    100% waterproof.

  • ergonomically designed

    Ergonomically designed and
    extensively tested with your
    comfort and safety in mind.

  • perfect fit

    Perfect fit & easy insertion
    for optimum muscle
    contraction. Approved by
    pelvic health doctors.

  • regain pelvic floor control

    Resolves bladder leaks due to
    coughing, sneezing, or running.
    Prepares for pregnancy and
    supports labor recovery.


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