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Common Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Myths Debunked! 

Common Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Myths Debunked! 

I am certain pelvic health is probably the last health checkup to cross your mind. However, given the severity of increasing pelvic floor problems, we are here to remind you of the importance of your pelvic floor muscles, and how you can avoid all the misinformation regarding pelvic health. 

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction only Happens to Women 

This is the most common myth that needs to be debunked by all means. Usually pelvic disorders are correlated with women because of childbirth, pregnancy and uterus prolapse, often ignoring that urine incontinence and prolapse is also experienced by men! Though the symptoms and occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunction is more common in women, it happens in different ways in men. For example, men who are on the verge of pelvic prolapse will experience symptoms like painful urination, ejaculation and trouble in erection. Men of any age can experience pelvic floor dysfunction and must undergo pelvic physiotherapy to treat their pelvic concerns. 

Pelvic Dysfunction is More Common in Elderly 

Again a false narrative, pelvic health does not only concern the elderly but also affects young people as well. There have been some reports of urinary incontinence in children due to weak pelvic floor muscles. People who are in sports and gymnastics also experience symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Only Kegels Exercise can Reverse your Pelvic Condition 

Using kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is important, but it is not the only fix for your overall condition. In complete pelvic prolapse you might want to consider undergoing pelvic surgery to help with muscle retention and contraction. Also excessive usage of kegel exercises can do more harm than good. Kegel usage requires a repetitive set of muscle contractions to strengthen your pelvic muscle, however if you are experiencing hypertonic pelvic muscle disorder then kegel exercises can worsen your condition. 

Urine Leakage is Normal 

Urine leakage may seem like a normal thing to happen especially after complicated childbirth or with age however regular urine leakage is not common and should be something to be concerned of. The pelvic floor can weaken after childbirth, but it reverses back to its normal muscular contraction after some time. It can also be strengthened if you incorporate some good kegel exercises with some quality kegel balls. However it is best to consult with a medical health practitioner if you consistently experience an overactive bladder and urine leakage. 

Painful Sex is Normal 

Absolutely Not! You don't have to experience any pain at the cost of pleasure. Sex should not play any form of pain. You might experience some discomfort at the start, but with time, your experience becomes more enjoyable. In case you experience any discomfort then you must be experiencing any one of the few reasons; 

  • You might be experiencing hormonal imbalance 
  • Your pelvic floor muscles are overactive and you may have hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction 
  • If you have most recently delivered a baby then you may have some pelvic vaginal tearing pain 

Bowel Strain is Normal 

Consistent bowel strain can happen due to lack of pelvic floor muscle relaxation. If your pelvic muscles are too rigid or struggle to relax then you will most likely experience constant constipation and bowel complications. While there can be other complications in attempting bowel movement, pelvic floor sensitivity can definitely be another reason for bowel strain. 

Use the Right Care for your Pelvic Dysfunction!

Early prevention can help restore your pelvic floor in no time. With the help of Bodyotics Deluxe Kegel Weighted Exercise Balls for Pelvic Floor Disorder, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles faster. These kegel balls are medically designed with approved hypoallergenic material for easy insertion and best muscle contraction exercise.